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This Time Last Year

May 29, 2011

I’m pretty sure this was happening:

On this day last year Ethan and I tied the knot. We got married at the house my father and siblings grew up in in Padanaram Village, Dartmouth, Mass. I’m off to figure out what one does on their first anniversary anyway besides narcissistically pour over pictures from the wedding. So while I do that, here are a few highlights.

We decided to serve Dark n’ Stormies, a family cocktail staple.

Sadly, this proved to be prescient! The heavens unleashed a mere 15 minutes after the ceremony ended, which I’m told is good luck.

And, of course, the Get Out Here and Dance! face made at least one appearance:

Our friend Alice made us this lovely video as a wedding gift.

Man, looking at all of those really makes me miss our friends and family who were there. I’m sure everyone thinks this about their wedding, but man, we had a good time.

And now onto the next great nuptial events! My sisters are 2 of the upcoming brides–here they are, pictured with their sweeties.

Leila & Jonathan

Elizabeth & Jeff


Look at Me, Getting All Crafty

May 22, 2011

In about a month, wedding season will officially begin in our household with a shower for my stepsister, Elizabeth. The shower is back east, and since my sister and I can’t be there in advance to cook, etc., we volunteered to put together the invitations.

When I’m not reading journal articles, writing final papers, or grading, I like to do other things like paint rooms in my mind (or in reality), imagine what it would be like to have a full-time gardner, and try to fit as many gummy worms in my mouth at once as possible. (Did that last one sound dirty? I didn’t mean it to. You have to understand that the candy store down the street has the best gummy worms in the world). Another thing I like to do is make invitations. It is by far my favorite part of the party-planning process, and I guess this means I like to throw parties, which I do. And invitations are guests’ first hint of what a party will be like–will it be formal and elegant? Will it be outrageous and fun? The first part of a party arrives at your doorstep, like a little window into all of the awesomeness to come.

The first proper mailed invitations I sent anyone were to a housewarming party my roommates and I threw in Brooklyn. They thought I was mad for putting in all that effort into a custom “how to get here on the subway” card, complete with little subway symbols I cut out from subway maps, and printing them on this brightly colored paper. Ok, maybe that was a teensy bit obsessive.  But they sent the message! The housewarming was going to be a serious party–one so worth coming to that I put invitations in mail for it! But also, it will be fun, and you can wear subway shoes.

This fanatical and possible masochistic love of invitation-making reached its peak with our wedding invitations, which means that you now have to say you love them, even if you’re secretly thinking “she spent a zillion hours and recruited friends’ help for those? Poor delusional girl.”


Then there were the invites for my sister’s Vintage-themed bridal shower last December. My mom found the photo at an antique shop, and I used photo corners to attach them to the card. Message: women having fun together, classic, but not stuffy.

So, the theme of my stepsister’s shower? Handmade.

And her colors? Electric blue and coral. It’s going to be a great, homey, quilted, painted, awesome shower, and only the beginning of our dressed up love-filled summer.

Almost. . . through. . . the end of the semester

May 10, 2011

Only 3 more days, one final (to give), one paper (to write), a couple meetings, an email or two (hundred), and I’m done with year 4 of grad school.

And after that, I’ll be writing thoughtful brilliant science-y blog posts. I’ll also be writing lots of impressive academic papers and commencing on my award-winning dissertation. And in between all of that, I will be bridesmaid-ing (times 3!) and shower-hosting (times 2!), wedding attending (+2 more!). I will also be doing other crucial and important summer things like sun-bathing, petting the cats, and trying out every kind of candy available at the candy store down the street.


A New Coat of Kitchen

April 29, 2011

So I mentioned before the tragedy of the kitchen. The whole thing, patch and all, looked this way yesterday morning:

Then, we did the unthinkable and actually finished the project! (Note: this time around finishing the project involved realizing that we would never actually get around to it ourselves and agreeing to forego any meals at any restaurants for a while to actually hire someone to paint for us). Here is the new and improved kitchen!

And look! No hole!

I chose the colors as I always do–by stealing ideas from Farrow and Ball  then finding similar colors I can actually afford elsewhere, in this case Sherwin Williams. Trim = Ethereal White, Walls = Canvas Tan , Backsplash = Denim. They needed to work with the white appliances and cabinets, so I didn’t want to stray too far, but the dark red was killing me. Finished just in time for a parent visit today! And in honor of the Bride & Groom, it will from here on out be called the Windsor Kitchen.

Congrats to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!

April 29, 2011

So this is what I looked like at 4:30 this morning:

Ethan got me the hat–it’s a cake hat–how appropriate! I plan on wearing it every chance I get. I have a feeling hats are coming back, don’t you think?

Also, did her dress, which I loved, remind anyone else of Fraulein Maria’s?

More digesting of the wardrobe and hats–the hats!–to come. For now, off to drowsily wave my Union Jack!

I Will Stop Linking To Other People’s Pages Soon

April 27, 2011

I understand that it kind of misses the point of having a blog if all you do is link to your posts on other people’s blogs, and I promise that will end soon. But school’s crazy, our house is a disaster (I mean, it’s really gross), there’s a wedding to prepare for, there are cakes to bake,  and I’m simply running behind! I’ll be back!

In the mean time, check out my latest Royal Wedding Psychology thoughts on Science of Relationships (Thanks again, SoR!).

Can Someone Please Send This To PW and KM?

April 25, 2011

PW and KM are my new nicknames for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I have now roped Fox News into my increasingly desperate effort to get invited to this wedding! Ethan even bought be a fabulous crazy hat to wear on the big day, which I promise to share on Friday. In the meantime,  here is my brief segment about the fate of the Royal Marriage.

Guest Answers: Royal Couple Compatible?: