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I Travelled the World and Wrote A Novel

June 14, 2011

Ok, so those are lies. But given how long it’s been since I posted here, I should have been able to accomplish both of those things. However, sadly, instead, here is a more accurate recap:

1. I co-taught a 3-week intensive course on Health & Relationships–interesting, learned a lot, like for instance I am capable for talking two and half hours straight about psychology and that Grey’s Anatomy is shockingly full of good examples of health and relationships research.

2. I finally finished the dissertation prospectus and will be officially proposing it to my committee, who I hope will swoon, in a few weeks.

3. Finished an article, which will be submitted tomorrow.

4. Bought a table cloth with bees on it that Tux rubbed himself all over, so it now has bees and cat hair on it. Lovely.

5. Got good at cleaning cat hair off of things.

6. Didn’t write thank you notes I need to write.

7. Watched Ethan’s band play their CD Release show, which was totally awesome. I felt like Gwenyth Paltrow, except Ethan’s band is way cooler than Coldplay. Check out the music video for one of their songs!

8. Did the winter-summer clothing switch during which I threw out some clothes I’m pretty sure have made the switch, unworn, for a decade. Included was a shiny “going out top” from college and a pair of jeans so tight they wouldn’t fit Tux. Pathetic.

So, ok, I was half reasonably busy and half ho-humming my way through the days. Not too bad! The good news is that I wasn’t multitasking, which we all know is bad. When I was committed to watching Working Girl on Netflix , for instance, I wasn’t also trying to grade my students’ final projects. That would not have been fair to Melanie Griffith.

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