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This Time Last Year

May 29, 2011

I’m pretty sure this was happening:

On this day last year Ethan and I tied the knot. We got married at the house my father and siblings grew up in in Padanaram Village, Dartmouth, Mass. I’m off to figure out what one does on their first anniversary anyway besides narcissistically pour over pictures from the wedding. So while I do that, here are a few highlights.

We decided to serve Dark n’ Stormies, a family cocktail staple.

Sadly, this proved to be prescient! The heavens unleashed a mere 15 minutes after the ceremony ended, which I’m told is good luck.

And, of course, the Get Out Here and Dance! face made at least one appearance:

Our friend Alice made us this lovely video as a wedding gift.

Man, looking at all of those really makes me miss our friends and family who were there. I’m sure everyone thinks this about their wedding, but man, we had a good time.

And now onto the next great nuptial events! My sisters are 2 of the upcoming brides–here they are, pictured with their sweeties.

Leila & Jonathan

Elizabeth & Jeff

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