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Royal Wedding Countdown: The iPhone App Edition

April 16, 2011

I think we can all agree that it would not be healthy or productive to work on one’s dissertation prospectus 24 hours a day. One must stop to eat, drink, sleep, brush one’s hair and do other types of science, such as researching which Royal Wedding iPhone apps one must have in order to stay well-informed about the big day.

Before reading any further: yes, I looked at all of these (don’t judge!!) and, if you can believe it, this accounts for probably 25% of all Royal Wedding apps (I have to work on my dissertation sometimes).  In science this is what we call a “convenience sample” in that these were among the apps that appeared when I searched for “Royal Wedding.” It was only later, when I searched for things like “Middleton” and “corgi” that I realized I was only looking at a fraction! And no, apparently I don’t have a life.

The Winners:

Royal Wedding [MSNBC]
Functions: Information, countdown, photos, map of wedding, video, shop, etiquette, and more. Cost: Free.
This app is epic (and I don’t mean that in some teenage skateboarded slang kind of way). They’ve crammed a massive amount of information into a complicated (but easy to navigate) application. I’m sure it helps to have the power of NBC behind your app–there are Matt Lauer interviews behind every door. As much as I’d prefer not to give top prize to the most well-funded mega-conglomerate-owned app, this thing is awesome.
Pros: This app does NOT skimp on information–even the buildings on the wedding route map are tappable for more information and photos.  The videos (all NBC of course) are super high quality.
Cons: Can be slow to load if you have a graduate student-level wireless internet connection.

Dress the Royals- Wedding Edition [We Are Apps, Ltd]
Function: Game Cost: $.99
This is awesome! It’s like twisted royal decoupage, only without any glue or mess.  If you’re super frustrated with a certain level of Angry Birds I highly recommend taking a break and dressing Prince Phillip as a nurse or scuba diver. I plan on printing these out and using them as gift tags next Christmas or just attaching them to every email like my own version of annoying animated emoticons. Here is one of many versions I created:

Look at Charless beer helmut!

Only necessary for the truly obsessed:

The Royal Wedding by Hello! [Hello! Magazine]
Function: Photos and information, non-interactive  Cost: Free
Note: A large portion of this content is devoted to other royals (e.g. what did the ring look like that Duke so-n-so gave to his wife).
Pros: Simple, lots of photos (not all of which you’ve seen before), good information about other royals
Cons: Some categories are sort of pointless until the actual wedding, like “Dress”, which is currently just a bunch of sketches of dresses, and quotes from designers. It’s not even clear if the sketches are by the designers quoted.

Royal Wedding Essential Guide [Blue Yellow Media]
Function: information, photos, map, interactive. Cost: $.99
Pros: Easy to navigate, fun, works, informative, cute icon. Also, in the “which Royal are you?” game, I was informed I am Zara Phillips, who a) looks amazingly nothing like her mother and which b) I am quite happy with.
Cons: No real cons. It just doesn’t have the oomph of some of the other apps.

Only a true sucker would buy these guys:

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