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Ok, This is Getting Ridiculous.

March 20, 2011

One of the funniest things that probably happened all of last year was this, when in spring, as the snow melted, I discovered my glasses growing in the backyard. All week long Ethan would burst out in spontaneous laughter, and I’d be like “look! It could happen to anyone!”

Well, apparently it’s becoming a tradition. It’s been snow-melting temperatures here, and a couple of days ago I saw this:

Back in December my friend told me she’d sent out birth announcements for her newborn daughter, Penny. I was particularly looking forward to this mail, see, because I’d been so excited for baby Penny to enter the world, had been tracking her mother’s growing belly, threw a baby shower, and was generally Penny-obsessed. So, imagine my disappointment when my birth announcement didn’t arrive! After I railed for a half an hour about how the postal service was failing us, which led into this whole rant about how I love supporting public institutions, even if they’re not so publically funded anymore and how the postal service is just as important as the public library, and how the very fiber of our country depends on having such things! I was promptly sent another one, which we displayed proudly.

It’s a good thing too, because this one was far too soggy to display anywhere. But I mean, really.  Apparently, I have a particular knack for unknowingly flinging important objects out of my hand 4 feet to the right, where they land directly below the lilac bush. Why couldn’t my talent be something useful like writing research papers in my sleep or having thick shiny hair. Hmmph.



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  1. Heather permalink
    March 27, 2011 12:42 pm

    Penny is totally Maryhope-obsessed, if that makes you feel better. Also, she would be thrilled to be able to fling things, any things, any where, so this is all one great big inspiration to her.

  2. Fernando permalink
    April 26, 2011 11:54 am

    I’m sure this is exactly what happened to your Royal Wedding invite. Cut to MH blow drying the entire yard to remove all traces of snow.

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