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January 23, 2011

A year ago, this happened in our upstairs bathroom:









Actually, to be totally accurate, this happened in the kitchen first, but it was all part of the same problem:











You see there was a leak, and the long story short (too late!) is that the plumber wanted to charge us approximately one million dollars to fix it. But with the help of Ethan’s younger sister, Anne, who is basically Wonder Woman and happened to be in town, we fixed the leak ourselves! Us! And when you fix that kind of thing, you’re so happy with yourself and so relieved that you no longer have to go to the bar up the street to brush your teeth, that you’re like “eh, we’ll patch the hole tomorrow.”

Interestingly, before a giant hole happened in your house you probably thought to yourself, “A giant hole would make me insane! Miserable! I’d fix it right away.” But then every time you go to fix it, you realize you’d rather work on your wedding invitations, or do the laundry, or try french braiding your hair in a way where it starts on one side of your head and wraps all the way around to the other ear. And then you actually stop even noticing it. Not only do the holes not make you miserable, but they even become kind of endearing: “oh look at our crazy house, being all hole-y!”

Well, the good news is that Ethan did actually fixed the hole in the kitchen recently–very impressive. I mean we haven’t repainted it yet or anything, don’t be crazy, but there isn’t actually a hole there anymore. The bad news is that it left absolutely no time for the bathroom. So, I’d like to introduce you to the very stylish Wall Skirt:









I assure you they’re all the rage.

Anyway, it turns out that it’s not that surprising we got used to our big crazy holes. Psychologists have found that we are notoriously bad at what they call “affective forecasting” alternatively known as “predicting how we’ll feel in the future.” The bad news here is that inheriting an apartment in Paris won’t make you as happy as you imagine it will, but the good news is that big old negative things won’t make you as unhappy as you fear they will. So, winning the lottery won’t make me happy, which is a huge relief, since the chances of that happening are you know, small.


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