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Fair isle sweaters and wellies, here I come!

January 13, 2011

If you haven’t tried it, can I recommend planning hypothetical vacations as a choice method of procrastination? See as much as I love love love to travel,  90% of the vacations I plan will probably never happen, because of, you know, mortgage payments.  But I think of it like window shopping. I’m trying things on in my head. For instance I imagine what it would be like to have a hotel room with my own infinity pool on my own balcony (quite nice, I decided).

Well obviously the best vacations to plan are the ones I will actually take, like our honeymoon. There is a lot of pressure on this vaccation–I mean it’s our honeymoon, for chrissakes, also the first grown-up vacation Ethan and I have ever taken together. Over the summer I tried on at least 6. One day we were going to spend a hot weekend in Miami (how fiscally responsible!). Another day we were going to gallivant around Argentina for 2 weeks (not so fiscally responsible). Then one day, when I sat Ethan down for an elaborate presentation on the merit of spending a month in Croatia,  he snapped and insisted that I not talk to him about one more honeymoon idea. How is it possible that he doesn’t love daydreaming about long days in foreign places as much as I do? It didn’t help at ALL that he didn’t seem to be able to get excited about going anywhere except for to some fishing village in England, in winter. Hmmph.

Then I thought: quaint fishing village. England. Long walks in Wellies and afternoons eating shepards pie. Sitting in dark pubs with cozy fires. No crowds! Off season! No intimidating bikinis! Then I read this, and I was hooked.

So in exactly 42 days, we embark on our cozy quiet English honeymoon. We’re going to Whitstable, Yorkshire & London. Now that the honeymoon has successfully been decided on,  I get to mentally pack and research important details, like the nearest french bakery to our hotel.

The best part? I’m already making the most of my vacation. Sciency-science finds people are happier before their vacations, when they’re planning them, but not after they’ve gotten back. (These findings were also reported in the New York Times). So Ethan can make fun of me all he wants for pouring over restaurant menus in small Yorkshire towns we probably won’t even visit. Secretly I know I’m beating the vacation system and getting months of improved mood instead of only 11 days.

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