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Dear Science, If you can’t laugh at yourself, I will.

June 14, 2010

This is from a very serious chapter in a very serious book called The Handbook of Personal Relationships:

“The defining characteristics of the [flirting] program are: establishing eye contact and holding the gaze briefly; talking inconsequentially but animatedly (by reason of vocal inflection, exclamation, exaggeration, laughing, heightened pitch and volume, and accelerated speed); progressively rotating to an en-face position; being brushed or lightly touched, as if inadvertently, without recoiling; and synchronizing postures, gestures and facial expressions. Typically, flirtatious displays are ambiguous, and hence deniable.”

Um, so who hasn’t done that in their past and regretted it in the morning? That is the best description I can give as to why I would tell my roommate not to let me drink too much when we went to parties.

Also the “as if inadvertently” and “hence deniable” pretty much sums up the dating misery of a being a girl in New York in your twenties who wears her heart on her sleeve. Sigh.

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