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March 30, 2010

So where did March go? A reader of this blog might ask. Well March has been a fantastic month. Yesterday, for instance, one of the last days of March was exactly 2 months before my wedding day (T-60 days until the big day!).

Two weeks before that, March 14, I entered into my 4th decade. In other words, I turned 30. If the rest of my 30’s is anything like the past two weeks, here’s what I know:

1. Half of your 30’s will be spent in New York at your own bachelorette party, with your mother, and living in your best friend’s apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It will also involve receiving ridiculous amounts of very very sexy lingerie.

2. The other half will be spent in school, finally getting a paper submitted. (If I continue the paper submitting roll–that is one every other week–for the rest of my 30’s, I’ll be set for life).

3. The weather is gorgeous in your 30’s! 70 and sunny today!

4. You cook everything in a slow cooker or use an immersion blender on everything in sight (otherwise known as using the two wedding gifts you’ve received all the time).

Other things that happened in March:

1. I gave my first real (outside of graduate school) talk, at Columbia University. I’m still high from it. There’s some theory out there about how youngest children are supposed to like the stage–well I think I found my stage. I had to stop myself from taking a bow.

2. I got Ethan to buy a suit, and damn. I mean damn! The man I’m marrying looks hot in a suit! Not to mention the swank adult shoes. He wanted to wear the shoes he already had (“I already own black tie shoes!”), but I checked and even 1998 didn’t want those shoes back.

3. I was thrown the most incredible bachelorette party by the most inspiring and wonderful group of friends a girl could ever ask for. I assure you, it was the best bachelorette party ever. The only competition is possibly the one my sister recently threw for her friend that involved lots drinking at the Chateau Marmont and spa treatments. But mine did have a view of the Empire State Building AND the Brooklyn Bridge.

All in all, March was unbeatable. Now, I just have to get my head screwed on, and get back to work.

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