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shameless plug to the internet about very very cool bags on a site that no one reads (mine).

March 5, 2010

That’s what this is.

Beluga in the San Juans 2007

Today’s post is inspired by a photo in GQ of all places. See that guy? He owns a store. See that bag he’s carrying? Ethan’s dad made it in their garage in Seattle. A few years ago Ethan’s dad, Dave, was getting ready to retire the sail from their beloved boat, Beluga. He used it as a tent for a few parties, kept it around for a while. Then he decided to make some bags out of it. We got one for Christmas. A cool pouch would show up in a stocking. He even helped me make one based on a coach bag I was coveting! Ever since he’s been perfecting the sail bag. He and Ethan’s sister, Anne, have become the masterminds behind Barkley Sound Bags.

So one thing led to another and a family friend (see GQ photo) who owns a very hip and very cool coffee/surf shop in Soho started carrying the bags. I went into this rad coffee shop in October when I was in NYC, and it is undoubtedly worth checking out, especially if you have time to linger. It’s simultaneously a place you where you could relax for hours and forget you’re in New York and also a place to be seen (and what’s more New York than that?). There’s this incredible garden tucked away in the back, and the word is that local celebrities like it because it keeps them out of the spotlight. I’m just waiting to open US  Magazine and see Brook Shields walking down the streets of Soho with a BSB bag on her arm. It’s so exciting!

So this thing I’m doing now? Getting all excited and feeling all glowy even though *I* didn’t do anything, well it’s got a name. It’s called Basking in Reflected Glory (or BIRG if you’re in the know). Traditionally people have looked at this phenomenon with sports fans,  but recent research shows that we even do this with people like the President!

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